A MEXICAN restaurant chain has launched chicken nachos with a twist.

Taco Bell, which has a branch in Head Street, Colchester, said the new nachos were "completely disrupting the crispy chicken game".

Ellen Gault, Marketing Leader of Taco Bell Europe, said: “For years, society has been subject to the same boring chicken.

"That’s all going to change thanks to our newest crispy chicken product, inspired by Taco Bell U.S, but with a UK twist.”

The £1.99 nachos feature all-white-meat chicken in a crispy cheesy coating with a mild kick Customers can also enjoy the product in a box offering including the Chicken Nachos Quesadilla, a crunchy taco, regular side, a regular drink, and churros featuring dulce de leche sauce, for £6.69.

The Chicken Nachos are available now for a limited time only.