A CAT lover was devastated when she found out her feline friend had been shot by an air rifle.

Angela Norman, from Great Horkesley, said three-year-old Wallis was let out as normal on Sunday night.

When she opened the door to her stunning white long-haired cat the next morning, she was shocked at what she saw.

Angela, of Tile House Lane, said: "I let him out at 11pm, which is normal for him.

"Then I opened the back door to him the next morning to find him with blood on his side.

"I took him to the vets where he has been shaved and is being treated for being shot, possibly with an air rifle."

Companion Care Vets in Colchester told her they hoped he would not need surgery, but the extent of the injury is still unknown.

Angela said she is due to call the police following the incident as she is determined to find the culprit.


She is not the only cat owner to have experienced such an ordeal.

She said: "I also own his mum so I've had him from birth and nothing's ever happened to him.

"There's another lady just down the road from me whose cat was also shot by an air rifle on February 4, her cat had to go for surgery.

"I just don't get it at all. Why do this to someone's loved pet, he wasn't doing any harm to them.

"Now they have caused pain and suffering. There is just no reason for anyone doing this."

Anyone with information about this incident should call Essex Police on 101.