DRIVERS have been left shaken up after a man hurled himself at their moving cars.

A couple of reports were made to police early on Saturday morning after a man jumped out into the road.

Sarah Perrott has just dropped her son off at a bus stop near St Botolph’s Roundabout and was driving past Colchester Magistrates’ Court when it happened to her.

She said: “It was just after 6.30am, I saw a man on the pavement just standing there looking at me. The next thing I knew he had just ran out in front of the car.”

Thankfully as she was driving slowly she managed to stop before she hit him.

She said: “He went to throw himself on the bonnet and I just screamed. He stared at me and then went to do it again.

“He came around to the driver’s door and tried to open it, then he ran off.”

She drove home feeling shaken up and contacted the police.

She added: “I was really upset, I was shaking and screaming. It was so frightening, I don’t think he was doing it to hurt himself.”

She said another driver reported the same thing about 10 minutes later, and advised others to install Dashcams for evidence.

She said: “Doing it twice within 10 minutes in the same day is not good, he could get himself or someone else hurt.”

Thankfully her car was not damaged and no-one was injured.

Videos have been shared on social media of people throwing themselves at car bonnets in other parts of the country.

Anyone with information should call police on 101. We contacted Essex Police for a comment but no-one was able to respond before the paper went to press.