A WOMAN says it is lucky no-one was killed after a car careered over neighbours’ gardens before smashing into her pride and joy Audi.

Fran Fisher, 48, was watching Hollyoaks on TV when she heard the crash outside her home on Thursday night.

When she got outside, she was shocked to discover a car had badly damaged her £5,000 Audi A3, which she was given as a birthday present last year.

The driver, an 18-year-old man from Clacton, was not hurt and has been reported for careless driving by Essex Police.

Miss Fisher, who lives in Sladbury’s Lane, in Clacton, said: “It sounded like a massive gust of wind or a clap of lightning.”

“I thought ‘What the hell was that?’

“Then I heard a car alarm going off.

“I went out of the front door and saw a car in the back of my car.

“The engine was still running and steaming.

“The driver had veered across three gardens and flown into the back of my Audi. If he hadn’t gone into the car he would have gone into the house.

“It looks like a bomb has gone off outside the house. All three gardens are a mess.”

Miss Fisher was given the car as a birthday present last year from her soon to be husband David Aldred, but says it is now a write-off.

She has also called for measures to make the road safer.

She added: “There have been accidents before, but not like this. I just want something done because it’s lucky no one was killed.”

Neighbours on the lane, who did not want to be named, have also had their cars damaged as the bricks “flew” out during the smash.

One said: “It’s a nightmare round here. This sort of thing has happened before.

“We’ve asked for things to be done like having the sleeping policemen installed but we’ve been told we can’t do that. Something needs to be done.”

An Essex Police spokesman said officers received reports of a collision in Sladburys Lane, Clacton,

at about 7.30pm on Thursday.

He added: “We received calls that a vehicle was in collision with four other parked vehicles.

“The driver, an 18-year-old man from Clacton, was uninjured and he was reported for careless driving.”