A CLUCKY pensioner has ticked another item off his chicken bucket list as he was able to take a behind the scenes look at a branch of KFC.

Ron Stone, 85, is a resident at Corner House Care home in Clacton.

As part of the home’s Wishing Washing Line initiative residents were encouraged to write down their wish and peg it on the line in the hope members of the community will grant them.

Ron, who has been a resident at the home for about two years, wish was to go to a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant.

Lee Smith, manager of the KFC in Clacton, invited Ron and a friend to go to the restaurant to enjoy a meal and take a look behind the scenes.

He even got the chance to bread his own chicken.

Gazette: Ron Stone, resident at The Corner House care home in Clacton with care worker Lynda Green who took Ron the KFC to see the workings behind the scenes.

Ron took staff member Lynda Green along for company.

The sprightly pensioner said he remembered having his first Kentucky Fried Chicken meal as a youngster growing up in Manor Park in London and said it was his favourite thing to eat.

He said: “It was lovely, we had a taxi take us up.

“I like the taste of KFC, it’s definitely the taste - you can’t beat it.

“It’s really good and I’ve always loved it.

“My favourite thing to eat is the boneless chicken and you’ve got to get the chips with it.”

He added: “It was just lovely and it was very nice of them.

“The people were all smiling when we went in.

“I did everything they wanted me to, I even cooked my own chicken.

“I’ve always loved it, I was always going ‘Can I have a KFC?’”

“The only thing better would be if I lived next door to one!”

Tracy Josko, activity manager at the home, said Ron had an amazing time.

She said: “I can’t even put into words how much he enjoyed himself.

“He came back wearing his KFC cap and has worn it every day since.

“Experiences like this are not just about for filling wishes and dreams, they change a individual’s whole sense of well being.

“To say he wants to go again is an understatement.

“The Corner House can’t thank Lee smith and KFC enough.”