TRADITIONAL dancers celebrated the beginning of the new farming year by entertaining shoppers.

Morris Men from two groups, the Belchamp Morris Men and the Norwich Kitwitches, performed in the Culver Square shopping centre in Colchester.

Crowds gathered for the performance which celebrated Plough Monday.

Kieran Fitzgerald, from the Belchamp Morris Men, was one of the organisers.


Mr Fitzgerald said: “It was really good fun and we had plenty of people stopping by to watch.

“There was some confusion with security in Culver Square about whether we had permission to perform but it was all sorted out.”

The Belchamp group paired up with the Norwich Kitwitches and Mr Fitzgerald said it was always good to pair up with another group.

Mr Fitzgerald said: “They’re a mixed group in that they all dress as women so they’re different to us in that respect.”


The famous painted faces of the Molly dancers

Following their dancing in the town centre, the group headed to the New Inn pub in Chapel Street and the Ale House in Butt Road to show off their routine.

Afterwards they headed to the Odd One Out, in Mersea Road, for more dancing and a drink or two.

The Belchamp Morris Men perform at several events throughout the year including the Chappel Beer Festival.