A BABY who has spent her whole life in hospital will finally be allowed home in time to be a flower girl at her mum’s wedding.

Connie Mellor was a miracle baby, born at just 23 weeks and weighing 1lb 2oz.

She is now just over 100 days old and has spent her whole life in the neonatal intensive care units at Colchester General Hospital and Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge.

However, her mum Michala, 35, from Colchester, said she has taken a positive turn and will be allowed home next week.

She and her fiancé Tyler, 22, did not expect Connie to live past the first day but she survived.

She suffered four bouts of sepsis and underwent laser eye surgery at Addenbrooke’s Hospital on December 28 to prevent her from going blind.

“We had a few problems there as she was exposed to flu and kept stopping herself breathing,” said Michala.

“After a week we came back to Colchester General Hospital and she has been fine.”

Before Connie was born, the hospital told Michala they would refuse to intervene to save Connie unless she showed signs of life.

She suffered several episodes of sepsis and has a Grade 4 bleed on her brain but her parents are happy her eye surgery went well.

Michala said: “She just took a massive turn and is able to come home. We are a long way from her being completely fine but at least she is coming home, which is a really big thing.

“It’s a lot earlier than we expected as well, she will be home in time for our wedding on February 2.”

It has been a rocky road but this is some of the best news the family has had since Connie’s birth.

Connie will still be left without any peripheral vision but her sight has been saved.

She will have regular check-ups to make sure the operation on her eyes was successful.

Michala added: “She’s going to be a flower girl at our wedding and she will get to wear her pretty dress.

“We are getting there slowly but surely.

“We never expected her to be at the wedding.”

The couple will get married at the Castle Methodist Church in Colchester, with their baby daughter and son Albie, who is 18 months old, with them.

Michala said Albie, who was also born prematurely at 26 weeks, has developed a special bond with his sister.

Connie will have an MRI scan at two-years-old to find out if her premature birth has lead to any long term damage.

There is a chance she could be left with loss of speech and paralysis.

Her parents praised both hospitals for their hard work in looking after their babies.

They are continuing to organise charity events to show their appreciation.