A GIANT Spiderman ornament was left with a rocket protruding from its bottom after a rogue firework left a saucepan size hole in its backside.

Barry Spears, 74, of Rickstones Road, Witham, said the item was found lodged inside the unusual ornament on New Year’s Day.


It had flown into their garden, narrowly missing an aviary housing about 30 birds, and their home.

Mr Spears said: “If that had happened on my porch it could have blown my house up.


“That could have been a child sitting there or one of us.

“Just imagine you were standing there and it hit you, it doesn’t bear thinking about.


“We have had little ones before that have done no damage, but the stick on this one must be three foot long.

“It’s made a hole as big as a saucepan and it probably blew up inside.”


Mr Spears said he bought the comic ornament for £45 at a car boot sale - not the world wide web - as it seemed like a good deal.

He said: “I shall probably repair it, but that’s not the point.”