IMMERSING yourself in cold water when the air around you is about seven-degrees sounds, rightly so, quite unappealing.

But put Colchester Hospital Charity's (CoHoC) Cancer Centre campaign at the forefront of your mind and it becomes more palatable.

The Big Sea Dip is one of this year's first family fundraising endeavours for CoHoC.

It is daring, takes place on the beach at Batemans Tower in Brightlingsea, and will bring the town one step closer to a £3.25 million facility.

Caroline Bates, head of charity and fundraising, said: "Last year one of our supporters, Rachel Fletcher, who swims in the sea all year round organised a dip in February for friends and family.

"It went so well and raised over £5,000 that we thought we'd run it again and offer it to a wider group of people.

"The swim is free to enter and it would be great to see some people dressed up for their dip.

"We're asking everyone to get sponsored to raise funds for the cancer centre."

There is no minimum sponsorship amount and all participants, whether they plan to only dip a toe in the water, will receive a free campaign t-shirt.

Those who would prefer to just make a donation to the campaign instead, can.

The Big Sea Dip is planned for Saturday, February 17, from 12pm until 1pm.

To register, click here