A DRUNK man who headbutted his ex-partner in front of a baby has been spared prison.

Kevin Blair, 31, turned up at his ex-partner’s house drunk, resulting in an argument which turned violent.

When the victim called the police for help, the operator could hear signs of a struggle.

Appearing at Colchester Magistrates’ Court yesterday, Blair admitted headbutting the woman, causing her nose to bleed heavily.

The assault took place in front of a baby.

Simon Bravery, prosecuting, said: “Mr Blair had been the partner of the victim, they had a relationship.

“They split up as part of Mr Blair’s ongoing problem with alcohol consumption.

“The victim smelled alcohol on him. She telephoned the police, when a scuffle was heard over the telephone.

“She sounded distressed. At this point Mr Blair headbutted her. When police arrived her nose was bleeding heavily.”

Caroline Woodley, mitigating, said Blair remembered nothing of the incident as he had “drunk a lot” that day.

She said: “He is incredibly shocked about what he has been arrested for.

“He doesn’t usually get involved in any violence. He doesn’t remember a thing about what happened.

“He doesn’t remember assaulting her, he apologises in interview and said he had drunk a lot that day.

“He is fortunate the victim sustained relatively minor injuries, bruising, swelling and a laceration to her nose.”

She added: “He went to Colchester Institute where he completed a plumbing course.

“He has been working in roofing for some period of time, he is self-employed.

“He tells me about seven years ago he was involved, as a pedestrian, in a car accident, where he sustained a head injury as well as serious damage to his leg.

“Since then he has had issues with his memory, he gets angry quickly and with drinking alcohol he finds he doesn’t remember a lot of what happens.”

Magistrates sentenced Blair, of Providence Place, Colchester, to six months in prison, suspended for 18 months.

He must complete a 20 day rehabilitation activity requirement and pay £350 in fines and court costs.