WE are so close, so very close, and yet so far.

So many fundraisers and kind donors have given money to the Cancer Centre Campaign and the finishing line is now in sight.

The £3.25 million centre will bring all cancer services together in one location.

Cancer patients who need both chemotherapy and radiotherapy have to make their way through the maze of corridors at Colchester General Hospital for treatments.

No-one is criticising the treatment and there is nothing but praise for the dedicated staff who care so well for their patients.

But it is far from ideal.

If the centre can be built, it will mean a significantly better environment for doctors, nurses and patients.

It will also mean there is a dedicated area for the support services, so vital and yet so overlooked, as well as for children and for alternative therapies.

This centre has been an aspiration for more than five years.

Fundraisers have waded through mud, jumped from planes, held quiz nights, baked cakes to support the appeal.

But time is running out.

If the total is not met by the end of February, the appeal could lose a £1 million donation.

We must not let this happen.

The Gazette has supported this fantastic appeal from the outset and we now ask our readers to do what they can to ensure the target is met in these final few weeks.

We must not let this opportunity slip away.