A COLOURFUL trend has made its way from one side of Britain to the other.

A festive painted rock was found by residents in the Colchester North Station Layby.

The rock seems to have come from Bristol, as it reads #BeffyBristolRocks on the back.

The residents who found it have re-hidden the rock somewhere in Colchester to keep the trend going.

Papers in Bristol published a story about the colourful rocks last year, it was called a phenomenon which has taken the city by storm.

The story said brightly-painted or decorated rocks and pebbles had been left randomly around the city’s streets, parks, playgrounds and car parks.

Supposedly the craze was welcomed by parents as a way of getting their children off their iPads and computer games, and out and about exercising.

When people find the rocks they can either keep them, or hide them again.

Have you spotted the rock? Send a photo to katherine.palmer@newsquest.co.uk.