A VIDEO which appears to show a driver ram a cyclist and then punch him in the head has been viewed tens of thousands of times.

The video, posted on You Tube by Colchester cyclist Wolf Simpson, shows the altercation on Severalls Business Park which he filmed on his head-mounted camera.

During the seven-minute video, Mr Simpson first encounters the driver in a near miss in Newcomen Way, Colchester.

Soon after, Mr Simpson tells viewers he has spotted the black Honda Civic turning round and starting to follow him.

Once Mr Simpson turns right from Newcomen Way into Wyncolls Road, the car can be seen to drive alongside him.

Seconds later Mr Simpson is knocked to the ground following a collision. At this point, police say the driver assaulted Mr Simpson by punching him in the head.


Pictures: YouTube/Wolf Simpson

The two men then exchange profanities over where cyclists can cycle in the road before Mr Simpson screams at passersby to call the police.

Mr Simpson said he posted the video online after being told Essex Police would not prosecute the driver. But the force said the incident was dealt with using a community resolution, which does not lead to a criminal record.

A force spokesman added both parties made allegations which were “thoroughly investigated” after the October 14 incident.


Pictures: YouTube/Wolf Simpson

A statement added: “The footage showed there had been a collision between the bike and the car. However, it was not possible to establish how it occurred based on the footage and conflicting accounts.

“The driver admitted to assaulting the cyclist by punching him in the head. The cyclist agreed to a community resolution as a way to resolving the matter and the driver agreed to pay £200 towards the cost of damage caused to his bike.”

Essex Police says community resolutions are used when they are agreed to by the victim the offender admits their involvement.

However Mr Simpson has publicly questioned the outcome, stating he did not agree to a community resolution.