I’M curious as to the real purpose behind Councillor Tim Young’s letter in the Gazette on Wednesday (December 13)?

He seems to be seeking some truth from the Gazette and saying that “we all know the answer to that”.

Cllr Young says he is not accusing the Gazette of political bias, but raises the issue of an omission on the part of the Gazette to report and publish a photograph provided by Colchester Labour Group.

The printed letter suggests the Gazette is found wanting in Tim’s opinion and Tim then proceeds to substantiate said opinion by alluding Gazette readers all know something via some mind reading exercise on Tim’s part?

Cllr Tim, you could have provided the Gazette with something worthy of print and paper; like informing residents of the borough the reason for and the outcomes of such a significant visit?

In my opinion (I am taking ownership), your personal bias and prejudice is on show.

Credit the Gazette readers, its editors and reporters with some common sense before you put pen to paper next time.

Angel Kalyan
Mersea Road, Colchester