THE director of a property management company breached housing regulations after his tenants were left without light or heat.

Colchester Council prosecuted Cyril Thomas, company director of Platinum Crown Investments Ltd, for nine offences.

It comes after council inspections in 2015 when six residents had been left without power, light or heat over a weekend.

The council said the flat above a letting agency in Hythe Hill had been poorly converted without Building Regulations approval.

As a result the fuse box for the electrics was inaccessible to the tenants.

Tina Bourne, councillor responsible for housing, said: “Good quality houses in multiple occupation form an important part of Colchester’s housing market and Colchester Borough Council works hard to encourage responsible management of this type of accommodation.

"The risks to residents’ health and safety is often greater when HMOs are not well managed so there are extra legal responsibilities placed on all HMO managers.

“This case highlights that where those responsibilities are not being met and residents are put at risk then we will take the necessary action.”

Sentencing for this prosecution is due to take place on 20 December 2017.

Sentencing will take place on December 20 although respected businessman Mr Thomas is considering appealing the decision.

He said: “I am shocked and disappointed by the outcome of this case.

"I have launched a formal complaint over the way the council chose to act, given its stated policy of preferring to work with landlords and agents to achieve the best outcome for tenants.

“Many of the issues identified were already being addressed by our property managers before the council’s first unaccompanied inspection.

“Subsequently, we promptly arranged a meeting with the council to better understand its feedback.

"We accept there were some issues with this property, which we immediately sought to resolve.

“Platinum Crown takes its property management responsibilities extremely seriously and generally enjoys an excellent working relaionship with Colchester Council.”

The offences include not ensuring the fire escape was clear, not ensuring the means of escape from a fire were in good order, not ensuring the electricals were tested in the past five years, letting the electricity supply become interrupted, not ensuring all common parts of the home were safe, not making sure the internal structure was in good repair, or that fixtures were in working order.

The company must also provide sufficient bins.