A MUM who is suffering from complications following the birth of her daughter has been left upset after a housing association threatened to remove her pram from a communal area and sell it.

Stacie Smith and partner Chris Wroot live in an upstairs flat in Meadow View, St Osyth, and have previously left their pram in the communal stairwell.

But Colne Housing has warned the family not to leave anything in communal areas.

If they do, the association or its agents could remove the items and could sell them to cover costs.

Miss Smith returned home from hospital after having her third child Dexton last week, but had suffered complications, including a breech birth and a caesarean section stitch also burst.

She has been told to rest by her doctor, but must also look after daughter Leven, ten, and Henley, three, who suffers from autism.

Mr Wroot, a parts advisor for Underwoods Motor Group, said the association was being “unreasonable” and should let them use a cupboard in the stairwell.

He said: “Stacie can’t leave Henley alone in the house to take a pushchair upstairs and downstairs while I’m out at work.

“They said if it is not removed within, 48 hours then they will come and take it – I was gobsmacked “I understand after the Grenfell Tower fire that certain things need to be done for safety – but this is inhumane.

“This is about a lady just out of hospital carrying a pushchair with two young children up a flight of stairs. She has been told to rest for six weeks.

“They have asked us to clear the communal areas in case of fire, including the cupboard.

“I think it is a bit unreasonable – there is an empty cupboard at bottom of the stairs.

“They class it as an electrical cupboard and we are not allowed to use it.”

Mr Wroot said rather than removing a fire risk, moving the pram into his flat’s corridor would create a hazard.

Amy St Ledger, Colne Housing’s head of customer services, said: “To keep our customers safe, Colne Housing has a duty to comply with Health and Safety legislation. We take this very seriously.

“Residents in blocks of flats are aware that escape routes cannot be blocked.

“We understand the family’s needs and have been doing all we can to enable them to find a practical solution.

“Unfortunately there is limited space inside and outside of the block. If the buggy continues to be a hazard, we will politely ask that it is moved.”

The association said a fire risk assessment was carried out by experts and does not allow for any storage in the cupboard.