FOR the first few years it was on, I would groan at the thought of another I’m a Celebrity Get me Out of Here series rolling round again.

Not least because this meant another year had quite inexplicably rocked past and it must be almost Christmas again. And also because I couldn’t bear it.

But then I found myself with a newborn baby to look after and sleep deprived and desperate for something that wouldn’t tip me over the emotional abyss, I started to tune in.

Okay, so it isn’t exactly War and Peace. But it is funny and, for the most part, completely innocuous.

That first foray into the jungle happenings was now 11 years ago and not a huge amount has changed in the way things are run down there.

We still, in these days leading up to the big official launch, don’t know whether Ant will actually be well enough to line up alongside his best bud for presenting duties but I suspect we would know by now if he wasn’t.

No, they will sidle on on Sunday night, probably make one or two sly jokes at poor Ant’s expense - because surely it is better he make the jokes than everyone else ? - and then get on with being silly for three weeks.

And I don’t mind admitting I can’t wait.

Now the said newborn is no longer keeping me awake in the small hours and is instead tapping me up to stay up past 9pm, this is something we can watch together.

We can Marvel at how ridiculous the celebs are being, vote for who stays and goes and predict who will put on that floral crown and receive the odd baton type trophy they give the king/queen.

This year we will also be treated to the Geordie wisdoms of last year’s Queen of the Jungle, Scarlett, as she will be hosting the ITV2 companion show.

It feels as if she won it much longer ago - there barely seems to have been a day since where she has not appeared on our screens.

In the grand scheme of things she has probably got another year before we all get fed up with her.

Although I still think Gogglebox went downhill when they kicked her and her family off following her high profile appearance in the jungle.

This year’s line-up looks to have the usual array of quirky types in it.

Last year they all got on swimmingly so judging by who is going in this year, they clearly hope for a few more fireworks.

Bring on the witchety grubs and let’s get ready to jungle !