A FIRST-OF-ITS-KIND motor rally in Tendring has been given the green light.

The Corbeau Seats race is set to be staged in Clacton on April 22 with special stages spread out across the Tendring peninsula.

The event is being organised by Chelmsford Motor Club, and the title sponsor, Corbeau Seats, will be the first to make use of a new legislation which allows closed road motorsport in England.

The event will allow road legal cars, with safety and performance modifications, to compete.

Drivers are started one at a time at around 30 second intervals and are timed over the course.

The race will consist of three loops of five different stages totalling around 45 stage miles and 100 road link miles.

The winner will be the driver with the least combined time across all the stages.

Vic Lee, managing director of Corbeau Seats, said: “We are excited to be involved with such a pioneering project.

“Chelmsford Motor Club has achieved something special and we are proud to be part of what we all hope will be the first of many closed road motorsport events.

“With Corbeau Seats being the first motorsport seat manufacturer in the world and still going strong, we hope this event can enjoy the longevity and growth we have experienced over the last 55 years As part of the authorisation process the MSA, governing body of UK motorsport, has issued an event organising permit.

A Motor Race Order application has also been made to Essex County Council.

A spokesman for Chelmsford Motor Club said the organisation has been challenging but he is hoping the event will prove a success.

He said: “Following extensive consultation, we have made a few changes to the route.

“The special stages are a good mix of technical and challenging country lanes and we hope a successful first running will allow the rally to grow in subsequent years.

“This is the beginning of a huge new chapter for motorsport and particularly rallying in the UK and I would personally like to thank everybody for their help and support.”