A LOLLIPOP lady who had been working for just one week has quit after being threatened and abused by parents.

Montgomery Infant School and Nursery had been without a crossing patrol for 18 months before the woman took up the post last week.

But school bosses say within her first week she was threatened by one parent and abused by another while working in Baronswood Way, in Colchester.

The woman has since quit with immediate effect following a separate incident on Friday.

It is understood the incidents came after a minority of parents persistently stopped on zig zag lines and dropped kerbs outside the school.

Mr Leung told the Gazette: “I am very sad this has happened and our children are now yet again at risk when crossing the road.

“We were without a crossing patrol for 18 months and we were happy with how thing were going with the lady who had taken over.

“What has happened is unacceptable and I can only point to the incredibly positive comments made by parents since we made the announcement.

“We have made sure those comments have been passed on and I can only hope this can still be sorted out and she might decide to come back to us.

“We have sent the positive comments from parents on to the lollipop lady so she can see the support she is getting.”

The school made the announcement on Facebook and parents have shown their support on the social media site.

Christine Wilmin posted: “Shocking behaviour from adults! They should be very ashamed!

“She is a lovely lady, doing a worthy job to keep our children safe.”

Michelle Bell added: “It makes me so angry when I see the stupidity and laziness of some parents when dropping their children to school - and now they feel the need to be threatening too.”

Mum Sarah Zietsman posted: “This is disgusting. What is wrong with these people?

“She was there to protect our children. I hope these parents are dealt with appropriately and are ashamed of themselves.”

Faith Kerrie Ann Alleyne wrote: “Such a lovely lady to be met with such rude and unkind people.

“She was always lovely with the kids and was only there for our kids’ safety.”

Kerry Stirzaker-Balls added: “I feel so sorry for the lollipop lady! I really wish cars would not park on the zigzags. It just pure laziness.

“And as for being rude to the lollipop lady, she’s only making it safe for your child to cross the road.”

It is understood teachers will watch over the road at pick up and drop-off times until the woman decides to come back or is replaced.

'Sadness as our children are now at risk'

THE announcement was made on the infant school and nursery’s Facebook site on Monday. 

It stated: “It is with great regret that we have to inform you that the recently appointed lollipop lady has given her notice with immediate effect.

“Unfortunately, there was an incident last week where one of the parents threatened her (this has been reported to the police) and again, on Friday morning she was approached by another parent who made very unkind comments. 

“This is unacceptable, the lollipop person is there for the safety of our children and it deeply saddens us all at Montgomery Infants School that once again our children are at risk.”

Vic Flores, Colchester councillor for Shrub End, said: “I have to say I am scratching my head as to why any parent would want to abuse a lollipop person.

“They are there, surely, to protect that very parent’s children.”

The Conservative councillor added: “It is a worry because I know from my personal experience parking outside schools can be a massive problem.

“I have a huge amount of sympathy for the lady in question.

"For the sake of walking a few extra yards, parents should never park on zig zag lines at all.”