Little Shop of Horrors, Mercury Theatre, Colchester. Until October 14. 01206 573948.

THEY may have a little shop but the very talented cast of CO2 are once again big on talent for their latest show.

While Little Shop of Horrors lacks the barnstorming chorus numbers this troupe are perhaps best known for, Howard Ashman and Alan Menken’s delightful kooky story does offer up the chance for some great solo efforts.

For a start it’s always a pleasure to see Will Mugford up on the Mercury stage.

Seymour is his fourth lead role for CO2 in as many years and as the mild mannered florist who cultivates a plant with the taste of human blood, he’s on top form.

Thankfully he’s joined by some great new finds including Emily Lane, who was an absolute delight as the super sweet and vulnerable Audrey.

When she sings Somewhere That’s Green, she really does put her heart and soul into it and by the end of the run, I doubt there will be a dry eye in the house when she’s done wringing all the emotion out of her character.

I also loved Alex Terry as Mushnik. Definitely a star for the future, who bounced off Will’s Seymour effortlessly, especially in the stand-out musical number of this show, Mushnik and Son.

I also must mention the incredible Lewis Tebbitt, who very nearly steals the show as Orin the sadistic dentist. A suitably out there performance Steve Martin would be proud of, he lights up the stage whenever he’s on it.

And let's not forget the plant, which looks suitably menacing and colourful, and has the added bonus of an awesome voice thanks to Dominic Simpson.

Finally a big thumbs up for director Leanne Fincham for some neat touches, particularly with the flashes of lightning, and the bubbly Ronettes who hold the whole thing together.