A GRATEFUL father was beaming with joy after a mobility company answered his SOS call and helped him attend his son’s wedding.

John Warwick, 56, thought he would miss son David’s big day as nurses at his care home had been unable to obtain the correct mobility device to enable him to get to Colchester Town Hall.

Mr Warwick, who is a resident at Woodland View Care Home, Colchester, is only just beginning to recover aspects of his speech and other communication skills having suffered multiple strokes.

Despite his progress Mr Warwick is unable to walk and without the correct equipment to help him get outdoors, it looked as though he would miss his son’s wedding.

But following a desperate plea for help, Easy Mobility Services came to the rescue.

The firm was able to lend the home a high end rehabilitation chair.

It meant Mr Warwick could travel across central Colchester and join in the celebrations at David’s wedding.

One of the nurses instrumental in helping get John his chair was Becki Ellis. She said it was an occasion he simply could not miss.

She said: “John never really gets out of the home.

“The only time he does leave is when he attends hospital appointments and even then it’s on a stretcher.

“But this was his son’s wedding. He already misses out on a lot already so he couldn’t miss it.

“Easy Mobility Services managed to arrange it at the last minute.

“Whenever I looked at the hire costs it was always high and there was no way we could have raised that kind of money in just two days.”

After learning of the upcoming wedding, Becki and her colleagues contacted Easy Mobility Services which produced a mobility chair for Mr Warwick’s needs the following day.

It meant he could attend the ceremony.

Becki said: “I’ve never seen him that happy before.”

Ben Upson, manager of Easy Mobility Services’ Colchester office, also played a key role in helping to organise a mobility chair for Mr Warwick, He said: “We always go out of our way for people when we can.

“We deal with customers like John on a regular basis and you can always see genuine gratitude from them.

“It wasn’t a massive issue, I was happy to do it and glad we could help out.” Having successfully got Mr Warwick outdoors once again, Becki now admits the care home is keen to find a more permanent solution and acquire a mobility chair which will make moving him around a lot easier.

Mr Warwick has previously had quotes of £2,000 but having successfully borrowed one, the care home is now considering ways in which it could raise funds to purchase one.

Becki added: “John’s needs aren’t likely to change so a permanent one would be ideal really.

“Just being able to go for a walk in the garden would make such a difference.”