IT may have been Cycle to Work Day but for one staff member at Colchester General Hospital, every day is cycle to work day.

Leading orthopaedic practitioner Steven Chan cycles to and from work every day come rain or shine, hail or gales.

The keen cyclist, who lives in Cordelia Drive, Mile End, Colchester, was one of several staff members at Colchester General Hospital who rode to work on Cycle to Work Day yesterday.

The national campaign seeks to encourage people to abandon their cars and commute to work by bicycle to ease traffic congestion and cut emissions.

Steven said there are few excuses for him not to use his two wheels to travel less than a mile to work.

He said: “I cycle in every day so long as it’s not snowing.

“I’m quite lucky because I don’t sweat that much, so it’s easy to cycle to and from work.

“I quite enjoy it and this may sound silly but I actually wish my route was longer so I could have more time on my bike.

“I have got a car but my other half uses it for work. Sometimes when she is off it can be tempting to drive but it actually takes longer in the car.

“I’m always trying to get my friends to come on rides around Colchester.

“Its great to see people having fun and getting involved with the spirit of the day.”

Whilst Steven needed few incentives to ride into work on Cycle to Work Day, his colleagues were offered small rewards for taking to the saddle.

Colchester General Hospital handed out freebies to staff members who took part to also demonstrate its support for the initiative.

A tent stationed outside the entrance saw a mixture of energy drinks, protein bars, bells and seat covers were given out as rewards for participating cyclists.

Among those manning the tent was David Cohen, capital project manager for the trust.

Mr Cohen was pleased by the support shown by staff and believed it displayed the hospital’s commitment to cycling initiatives.

He said: “We had a successful day last year and today has been just as popular.

“I think there is still a lot of people who worry that we don’t really care, we aren’t really bothered.

“But we want them to be aware that we do care and that we will support them.”

Mr Cohen, who is leading calls for a new travel centre to be built at the hospital, also stated the trust is working hard to encourage people to cycle to and from work.

He added: “We are trying to increase the numbers of peopling cycling year on year.

“When you see all the studies, it’s hard to ignore the health benefits.

“Even if people don’t do it everyday, even if they are a fair weather cyclist, it doesn’t matter.

“Having one less car of the road is what we want.”