A MURDER suspect brandished a carving knife and threatened his uncle's former partner moments before he allegedly killed another man, a court heard.

Kevin Paddick, 34, is accused of murdering Danny Myers after he was stabbed in the flat he was staying in.

The pair - along with their girlfriends Rachel Kirby and Kelly Luckhurst - were in Lyn Tranter's home while the partners were having a fight outside.

When giving evidence at Chelmsford Crown Court, Miss Tranter said he had known Paddick for more than 11 years because his uncle David Jones was her former partner.

He died after they split up, and she said Paddick had blamed her.

Miss Tranter said Paddick pulled a knife on her before he is said to have stabbed Danny.

She said: "He told me he was going to smash my television and smash my home up.

"Then he pulled a knife from the back of his trousers and I said - 'is that for me too Kevin?

"He then put it back in the front of his trousers.

"Danny never saw it because he was looking at the girls.

She added: He used to say if I had not split up with him then he would not be dead.

“He said I killed him.

"Kevin always has a weapon on him because he is so paranoid.

"He is not a murderer or a killer, though.

"He just gets off his face and starts sayings things."


Victim - Danny Myers

During cross examination Steven Perian QC, defending Paddick disputed the claims he had brandished a knife.

Paddick, of Rosemary Road, Clacton, denies murder and claims he was acting in self defence when Mr Myers was stabbed.”

Miss Tranter said she had not known Mr Myers for long before he died but had been introduced to him by a mutual friend and let him stay at her flat with his partner Miss Luckhurst.

She said he had snorted cocaine in the hours before he died and Paddick had lent him money for more when he and his girlfriend first arrived at her flat in Rochester Road, St Osyth.

The two couples then left the home and left for a few hours before returning early on March 20.

She said: “He seemed a really nice lad - very polite.

“That day I saw Danny sniff cocaine while he and Kelly were drinking.

“I knew Danny wanted to get some more cocaine but he didn’t have enough money for drink and that so Kevin lent him £20.

“It was like they were all friends.”