Glorious! Frinton Summer Theatre, McGrigor Hall, Frinton. Until August 12. 01255 676656.

THIS Frinton Summer Theatre season just gets better and better.

And when director Amanda Root said she was delighted to be bringing a 'West End' cast to the seaside town, she wasn't kidding.

In Glorious!, Peter Quilter's joyous play about the life of Florence Foster Jenkins, dubbed the world's worst singer, Stella Gonet gives us a performance worthy of any stage, West End or Broadway.

She is more than ably supported by the hilarious Simon Shepherd as English actor and boyfriend St Clair and the utterly gorgeous Matilda Ziegler, who lights up the stage whenever she's on as Florence's kooky friend Dorothy.

Ben Stock gets all the best one-liners as Florence's accompanist Cosme, and delivers them with precision point timing, while Pia Laborde Noguez as Mexican maid Marla is a delight, even though we couldn't understand a word she was saying. But then of course that's the point.

Even Nesba Crenshaw's indignant Mrs Verrinder-Gedge, despite her short time in the Second Act, shines.

Beautifully staged by Amanda, with some lovely simple touches like the movietone-style titles and the funeral scene, which is just brilliant, you'll be hard pressed to find a better show being put on locally this year.

I would go as far to say it's one of the best plays I've ever seen on the Frinton stage which bearing in mind its local connections, both director and writer come from Colchester, should make us all feel Glorious!