A STALKER has been sentenced for the second time after harassing his former partner.

Russell Winsor was jailed in January for putting testosterone gel in Teresa Thomas’ toiletries, hiding cameras on her curtains and installing a tracker on her car.

Winsor was jailed for 18 months but was released as he had spent 11 months on remand.

Now he has been recalled to prison and order to serve a further 18 months after ignoring court orders not to harass Ms Thomas.

Winsor, 58, appeared back at Chelmsford Crown Court where a judge accused of continuing harassment and breaching an order to leave Ms Thomas alone.

The court heard among other thing Winsor sent Ms Thomas a Valentine’s card, birthday card and flowers to her work place and text messages and found out where she had moved to escape him and turned up there.

He again installed a tracker on her car.

Winsor and Ms Thomas met when they lived in the same block of flats and had an on-off relationship for four years.

But Winsor stalked Ms Thomas after the relationship ended.

Richard Potts, prosecuting, told the court Ms Thomas, also 58, had seen him hanging around when she came out of work, when she left a fitness class, and on the beach in West Mersea when she went for a picnic.

Winsor, of Fairhaven Court, Victoria Esplanade, West Mersea, admitted one offence of stalking between November 25 last year and June 22.

He also admitted breaching the indefinite restraining order which bans him from contacting Ms Thomas. That order continues.

Winsor had served 11 months on remand before the previous sentence so was released.

He has since been recalled to serve the remainder of the 18 month sentence which is due to end next January. The new 18 month sentence runs from today.

Jailing him, Judge David Turner QC told Winsor: “You have persistently harassed and stalked and annoyed this unfortunate former partner.

“You took steps to track her down, monitor and follow her, devices were used.

“You attached a tracker to her car in your absurd hope that you and she might bump into one another, you entertaining the ridiculous notion that it might be possible to affect an apology and somehow make up.” That was “deluded”, added the judge.

The court heard Ms Thomas was scared by Winsor and found him “intimidating”.

In an impact statement read to the court she said she had moved out of West Mersea to a village to feel safe but Winsor had taken that away from her.

The slightest noise outside panicked her, she felt anxious and sick.

She said she was “always looking around when going to work or shopping.

“This whole situation is having an awful impact on my life. It’s taken me a long time to build up courage to go out into the world after feeling a prisoner in my own home.

“He has once again violated my privacy, life and work place.”