DOZENS of residents across three blocks of flats have been left high and dry without running water for more than five days.

People living at the Home Group-run apartments in Hythe Quay, Colchester, have been unable to wash themselves, clean their homes or even flush the toilet after the supply stopped flowing on Wednesday.

Staff from the housing association finally delivered bottled water at the weekend, but there is still no sign of the supply working.

Gennie Barrett has lived in the flats for three months and said the situation was unfair on the residents, many of whom have young children.

She said: “At first the water was on and off but it came to a complete stop on Wednesday.

“We phoned them up immediately and were told we would be given emergency water and somebody would come to fix it on Friday.

“Nobody arrived and by this stage some people were starting to suffer with dehydration - there are 30 or 40 children here of different ages and it is not good for them.

“On Saturday we were given bottles of water, and to be fair, there are quite a few but it is not the same.”

Gennie, who lives in the apartments with her one-year-old son, said a number of families were furious at the situation.

She said: “It is disgusting.

“We have had to use the toilets and just not flush them.

“My neighbours have got a newborn baby and I have got a toddler.

“At that stage they are going to have accidents and we cannot wash their beds properly.

“There are three blocks which probably have about 50 flats in all together and all of them are being affected.

“People who have other places to go have even tried leaving because they cannot face it anymore.

“There are children in here who are getting ill because of this.

“People cannot clean their kitchens - if you looked in the doors you would think we have chosen to live like this but it is totally not the case.”

A spokesman for Home Group said they hoped the supply would be back up and running soon.

He said: “We responded as soon as residents reported problems with their water supply.

“Our maintenance contractor identified a problem with the water pump supplying the building.

“Our contractor spent the weekend trying to fix the problem and our staff worked tirelessly to ensure all residents were supplied with bottled water.

“After a number of failed attempts to fix the pump our contractor now believes they have identified the issue and we hope the supply will be restored soon.

“We will refund anyone who bought water and has receipts.”