A HORROR themed scream park where visitors can see what it is like to be executed could be coming to Colchester’s Castle Park.

Colchester Events Company, which is a commercial arm of Colchester Council, has submitted draft plans for an event called Doomsday to take over the park for a spectacular Halloween event.

Four events entitled Tempum Claudii, Hopkins, The Verdict and All The King’s Men will see customers tasked with escaping creepy mazes while being frightened by professional actors planted throughout the halls.

The Verdict is set to be the most unique of the events, where peopled aged 16 and over are lead into holding cells and off for an “execution experience”.

A report into the plans said the details are a closely guarded secret, but The Verdict will be a spin-off of the Hopkins attraction - a maze based on the exploits of Manningtree Witchfinder General Matthew Hopkins in the 1600s.

It said: “The Verdict is a world-first attraction.

“This attraction separates the participants from the main Hopkins group and leads them into individual holding cells where they wait before being led to the gallows and hanged.

“This will form the cornerstone of the event as a whole and generate the media response to put Doomsday on the map.

“With this attraction, it is the initial impact that will create the reaction, and therefore, secrecy around the content and operation is paramount.

“This concept has been in development for six years and we feel that this is the perfect attraction and location to bring it to fruition.

“Once ‘hanged’ participants will re-join the Hopkins attraction to exit.”

Tempum Claudii will feature technology where walls to the maze move around which would be a UK first, while All The King’s Men will be a spooky play on nursery rhymes focusing less on gore-related themes.

The report added: “Scare attractions and Halloween events are growing year-on-year in the UK, but many are still generic offerings and have predictable content based on old tried-and-tested methods.

“Doomsday has several elements unique to the UK, and one which is believed to be a world-first.

“All of the mazes have been themed and designed around the history of Colchester and surrounding area to maximise on the local links but also give the event a feel all of its own to really standout against the national competition.”

A fourth Second World War themed maze could be added to the portfolio in 2018 and would be based in the town hall.

Bosses plan to run a test weekend for the event on October 14 and 15 and then again from October 20 until October 29.

Colchester Council business boss Annie Feltham (Lib Dem) said: “It is something we are looking at and is an exciting opportunity.

“We are looking to see how it would work but there are still checks which need to be done before anything is confirmed or signed off.”

For more information about the attractions click here or search for The Doomsday on Facebook.