SO far this year north Essex has joined in the rest of the country in enjoying several bursts of hot weather.

And this collection of photographs show how the area has traditionally enjoyed a warm spell through the decades.

Being close to the coast means thousands have flocked to the seaside and coastal regions and while the beaches of Frinton, Clacton and Walton are a familiar pull there are also other places which have drawn the crowds too.

These vintage images include footage of Maldon's Promenade Park which for many years visitors could swim in.

The Edwardian park dates back more than 100 years, to a time when visitors enjoyed walking around the grounds without actually going into the water.

It opened in 1895 to provide the people of Maldon with a valuable amenity but over the years people have travelled far and wide to enjoy it.

Up until the turn of the Millennium it was also possible to swim in the pond, which had a silty bottom and diving platforms at one side along with sand around the edge.

This was stopped and the pond turned into an ornamental feature following the death of a bather 15 years ago.

Outdoor swimming is something that has dwindled over the years in Essex but in the 70s and 80s it was still going strong in Colchester where many still remember the open air swimming pool.

Patrick Denney, who supplied one of the images here, says : "This picture typifies the summers of the 1970s and '80s, spending long hot days down at the fabulous open air swimming pool.

"In my opinion the closure of this pool is one of the greatest losses of the town's recent history.

"I'm sure that many of your readers will have fond memories of spending long hot summers down at this pool."

The pool is now the site of Colchester Canoe Club.

Sunseekers have also long enjoyed fishing trips to Mersea Island and Brightlingsea where keen photographer Alf Jefferies caught many a summer moment when residents and visitors enjoyed the good weather.

His daughter Lynn Ballard is busy cataloguing his vast collection, following his death a number of years ago, of more than 2,000 photos amassed over a 45 year period of taking photographs near his Colchester home.

And also, as the vintage postcard from the 1950s here shows, there are lesser known spots to head to like Maylandsea near Maldon.

Many would head to the small beach area to sail and enjoy the sun.

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