BOTH of Jaywick’s councillors have defected from Ukip to the Conservatives in a bid to have more say over the resort's regeneration.

Roy Raby and Kevin Watson were part of a massive swing that saw 22 Ukip councillors elected to Tendring Council in 2015.

But the Golf Green ward councillors have this week defected from Ukip to the Conservatives, leaving the Eurosceptic party with just nine councillors.

Kevin Watson said: “With Brexit going through Ukip’s job is done.

“What the Conservatives have done over the past few years in terms of the regeneration of Jaywick is fantastic.

“We believe we can help our residents more being with them rather than in opposition.

“This will give us and the residents of Jaywick more say.”

Neil Stock, leader of the Tory-run council, welcomed the pair to his group.

“I’m delighted that the two councillors that represent Jaywick have joined the Conservatives,” he said.

“I think it is down to the way we have run the council over the past two years for the good of all of Tendring - and for the benefit of Jaywick in particular.

“The start of the regeneration works have gone down well with their residents.”

Ukip group leader Mark Stephenson said he was disappointed that Mr Raby and Mr Watson had not spoken to him about their defection.

“It seems to me to be more about their own political careers than the needs of the residents,” he said.

“There has been quite a bit of toing and froing with people more interested in getting elected rather than looking after the residents.

“We are still the largest opposition group.”