A DAUGHTER raising money to support victims of a fire in Portugal had a magical moment with a Harry Potter star who is supporting her campaign.

Louise Maestrani, who is originally from Colchester, has been raising funds with her dad Nick following a devastating forest fire in Pedrógão Grande earlier this month.

Louise, 27, was surprised to bump into Rupert Grint, who played Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter films.

He shot a quick video with Louise, supporting the campaign to help those affected by the fire.

Louise said: “Rupert was filming at my workplace for the Sky series Sick Note.

“In the morning I spoke with him and explained our plans. Rupert agreed how terrible the fires have been and said he would be happy to help raise awareness.

“We met later in the afternoon and he was ever so lovely and happy to engage in conversation. Rupert filmed a short video clip and took some photos, along with a couple of autographs too.

“Nick Frost also wanted to help raise awareness and we managed to get a photo with our poster.”

Nick Frost, actor and comedian, is co-starring with Rupert in the series. He was also keen to show support for the cause.

Louise and her dad hope to get donations to support the fire service at Pedrogao Grande and Fugueiro Dos Vinhos.

Louise also hopes to get some donations to the locals to help re-plant crops and buy animals to support the local farms.

To support their appeal, click here.