Kierran Pearce has a mission - to break down barriers for children with additional needs.

The teacher set up the Multi Schools Council in 2012, a school integration project bringing mainstream and special needs children together.

He was wants to roll the project out across the whole country. He is driven by a desire to ensure every child’s voice is heard no matter the challenges they face.

KIERRAN Pearce has set his goals high - he wants every child in the country to have their voice heard.

Helping mainstream and special schools across Essex integrate has never been enough and he is determined to roll his project out on a bigger scale.

The Multi Schools Council is the brainchild of the primary school teacher, who works at the Edith Borthwick special school in Braintree.

Founded in 2012, the project allows pupils to discuss ideas to bring down barriers for children with special needs.

Market Field School in Elmstead Market has led the project, which now involves 46 schools across Essex.

“We are picking up more and more schools along the way,” says Kierran. “We wrote a letter to the Department for Education asking if the project could be rolled out across the country.

“They couldn’t support us at that point but they sent us back to our local authority.”

Some would have been satisfied with sticking to what they know, but for Mr Pearce and his students, it was all the more reason to push for better things.

His persistence and dedication to give children equal opportunities has finally paid off as from September Essex County Council and Active Essex will commission him for one day a week, giving him the contacts and support he needs to work on a bigger scale.

Speaking about the work he plans to roll out across the country, he said: “The main thing we do is help schools meet up to three times across the academic year.

“We run community fairs, special school games providing competitive sport, and we have inclusion weeks which are off timetable and we do swaps between schools.”

He also organises an annual talent show where children from all backgrounds and abilities have the opportunity to be on one stage.

The opportunity to work with Essex County Council could see children across the whole country taking part in talent shows and sporting events together.

Schools in Colchester already taking part in the programme include Hazelmere Primary School, Colchester Academy, Willow Brook Primary School, Philip Morant School, St Helena School, Roach Vale Primary School, the Gilberd School and Doucecroft School.

Mr Pearce said: “What it will mean is children will have their voices heard at a level which will help influence decisions, and that’s really important.

“I will be going into schools across north, mid, south and west Essex. It will be on a bigger scale but there is still plenty to do.

“The end goal is to replicate it across other counties but this is massive for Essex.”

The scheme has reached other milestones since it was first set up. Last year a new app was developed showcasing the school council’s work.The free app was designed by Kierran himself with support from digital education body PIOTA and it can be downloaded from any app store.

The Multi Schools Council is open to all schools and Kierran wanted to reinforce the point there are still many people who see children with additional needs as different.

As of January 2015, 15 of the 17 Essex special schools were graded good or outstanding by Ofsted. This is positive news for Mr Pearce, however, there is always a way to achieve more.

“From a personal perspective it’s about other people accepting the stigma that’s still out there and although education has moved forward there is still a long way to go,” he said.

He hopes this year’s talent show will give other schools the chance to see for themselves how children at mainstream and special schools can come together.

On the scheme’s website, Toby from Doucecroft School echoes the views of Mr Pearce.

He says: “I hope me and other people with autism all have the same privileges and pleasures to roam this earth and have the same rights as everyone else.

“lease show patience and understanding, because we are all the same inside.”

The talent show will be held at Market Field School from 6.30pm to 9pm on Friday. Tickets cost £1 and must be purchased in advance.

To buy tickets contact Kierran via the Multi Schools Council Facebook page or website or visit