A LUCKY bingo player is celebrating after hitting the jackpot and pocketing a whopping £20,000.

The winner thought she had scooped a modest £35 after winning at Gala Bingo in Clacton.

But then bingo caller Stephen Archer realised she had called full house in less than 40 balls, landing her an extra £20,000.

The unemployed woman had splashed out just £1 on the winning jackpot special ticket and couldn't believe her luck.

Deputy manager Jean Taylor said: "She had a bit of a meltdown to be honest, bless her.

"She's a regular and comes in every day. She was absolutely shaking. She went pale and looked like she was going to faint.

"We bought her a triple Malibu and coke and a bottle of champagne."

"She was hyperventilating so we had to get her breathing properly.

"She was saying 'Oh my god - I've got to keep playing' but she couldn't even hold her dibber in her hand because she was shaking so much.

"It was amazing to watch. It quite a sight."

The winner, from Clacton, plays bingo at Gala every day with mum.

Jean said: "As soon as we heard what had happened over the speaker all the managers ran into the hall and made a big fuss of her.

"Her mother was as cool as a cucumber.

"She looked like she was going to pass out but she kept on playing.

"She's a real die-hard bingo player."

She is getting married later this year to her partner so is putting some of her big win towards the wedding.

Jean added: "We've had some big wins here before. I don't know if this is the biggest but it's the largest we've had since I started here almost two years ago.

"It's like a little bingo family here and everyone knows everyone else.

"I feel like I've won it with her - it's an amazing feeling.

"We are really pleased for her and just want to shout it from the rooftops."