CAMPAIGNERS are calling for parking to be banned on a school road at home time to stop a child being hit by a car.

Parents collecting their children from schools in Winstree Road, Stanway, repeatedly park on double yellow lines and make it difficult for emergency vehicles and buses to get past.

On Friday, a cyclist was taken to hospital with head injuries after he was in collision with a car in the road during the afternoon school run. Essex Police is investigating.

Parent Jeremy Hagon, of Lexden, has set up a petition calling on authorities to sort out the “dangerous” situation.

Mr Hagon takes his daughter to Fiveways School everyday but does not park on Winstree Road.

He said: “It’s an ongoing problem.

“We have got a situation where cars are parking on double yellow lines and dropping off on zig zags.

“There are spaces around the corner where they can park and the Co-op lets people park in their car park.

“It is quite obvious there is going to be a major incident there if something is not done.

“My personal view is they need to create an exclusion zone around that area so parking restrictions are put in place at pick up time.”

Essex County Council recently consulted residents on plans to expand Stanway Fiveways Primary and Stanway Primary School, both of which are in Winstree Road.

And secondary the Stanway School, also in Winstree Road, is also being expanded.

Mr Hagon has teamed up with Stanway councillors Lesley Scott Boutell (Lib Dem) and daughter Jessica Scott Boutell (Lib Dem) to call for highway improvements before the expansions take place.

Mr Hagon said: “We are going to go from 400 cars going down that road at 3pm to 800.

“There needs to be a traffic management plan.”

Ms Scott-Boutell has written to Highways demanding answers.

She said: “I am deeply worried the county council appears to have not looked at the cumulative traffic impact of these schools at drop off and pick up time.

“Parking still remains a major issue, with people parking on pavements, parking illegally and inconsiderately and blocking a major bus route serving the wider area.

“In turn the inconsiderate parking has, on many occasions led to gridlock.”

A spokesman for Essex County Council said: “We are working with schools and parents on a number of schemes to try to alleviate the traffic problems we experience at a great many Essex schools when pupils are dropped off or picked up.

“Any infrastructure issues around school expansions will dealt with as a normal part of our planning process.”

To sign the petition calling for change, go to