DINERS got a shock when a football legend walked into a Colchester restaurant today.

Rio Ferdinand, who previously played for Manchester United, and friend Bobby Zamora, of West Ham, were spotted in Bill’s, in the High Street, having a spot of lunch.

Prince Yungryda was having a meal with friends when he saw them come in.

He said: “I knew I recognised him and then I realised who they were.

“I was really surprised. I went over and they said they were just having something to eat but they didn’t say what they were in Colchester for.”

Prince text his friends but when they didn’t believe him the diehard Chelsea fan asked for a photo with the pair.

He said: “I hate Manchester United but I respect Rio as a player. He’s not just played for them.”

Tom Mollatt spotted Rio on the High Street and managed to snap a selfie with him.


Rio runs several restaurants in Manchester and has an interest in developing property.