A PROTEST against Donald Trump's decision to bar people from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the US has been organised in Colchester.

A rally took place outside the Town Hall in the High Street from 6pm yesterday evening for people wanting to air their views on the new policy.

Dozens of people gathered outside the town hall with banners and placards with messages including 'refugees welcome'. 

Lee Scordis (Lab) councillor for Old Heath and the Hythe tweeted pictures of the scene, saying Labour councillors turned out in "full support".

It comes as a petition to cancel Donald Trump's state visit to the UK gathered more than 1,300,000 signatures since yesterday.

This evening's protest is one of 38 organised for the same time across the country, including outside Downing Street and in cities such as Manchester, Oxford, Edinburgh and York.

MP for Colchester Will Quince issued a statement on his Facebook page about Trump's new immigration policy.

He said: "It is entirely for the US Government to determine their immigration policy. During the presidential election campaign, Donald Trump repeatedly stated that he would introduce this measure if elected. We should be under no illusion that it is both within his power and his mandate to follow this through.

"As the Executive Order affected British citizens it was right for the Foreign Secretary to intervene and I was pleased to see him confirm, having spoken with his US counterparts, that UK and dual-nationals are unaffected.

"However, let me be clear – I believe it is a misguided policy. The simple fact is that terrorist attacks committed both in the US and in Europe over the past decade and more have been carried out not by immigrants or refugees, but by radicalised nationals.

"Further, the decision to ban refugees from warzones such as Syria and Yemen will only serve to force vulnerable men, women and children to remain at risk of persecution and death. It is also remarkable that the US is banning people from Iraq, a country which they are supporting militarily against Daesh.

"The steps announced will not keep America safe, but I fear simply serve to divide communities and give radical Islamists another propaganda tool with which to turn vulnerable citizens against us. Whilst this is a decision for the President of the United States, I would strongly urge that this executive order is revoked, and hope that the Prime Minister makes the strongest representations to this effect.

"With respect to the State Visit, the hard reality is that we have given State Visits to the leaders of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and UAE, all of whom operate exactly the same policy with respect to visitors from Israel. As such, it would be hypocritical for us to withdraw an invite to the head of state of our closest ally for the same reason. Rather I hope that Donald Trump recognises the concerns being expressed across the world and stops this policy of his own accord."