STUDENTS at St Benedict's Catholic College in Colchester took part in a campaign to help them take control of their future.

The pupils aged 14 to 16 took part in workshops as part of The Make Happen campaign.

Deborah Cudmore, Alternative Education Teacher at St Benedict’s College, added: “Make Happen made students think about possibilities in a different way.

"Instead of considering what subjects they want to go on to study, they were encouraged to think about what they enjoy doing and what they are good at.”

“As a result of Government changes, current students are often left without the opportunity for work experience placements and proper careers advice. "Make Happen was a positive workshop that made them think realistically about their future, but in a positive and exciting way.”

Make Happen was devised by the Essex Collaborative Outreach Network (ECON) and delivered by PurePotential and Kamal Ellis-Hyman, one of the UK's youngest professional speakers, a previous Olympic torch bearer and Peter Jones' Entrepreneur of the Year.

The workshop was also held at Colchester Academy, Alec Hunter Academy in Braintree and Clacton County High School.