STUDENTS at St Helena School landed an important lesson- the benefits of eating fish.

Colchester Institute worked with London Billingsgate Seafood School to stage a roadhow at the nearby school in Sheepen Road.

Students were also able to learn about sourcing ethical produce and preparation techniques.

They also handled many types of fish, including trout, monkfish, crab and herring, to prepare them for the fish filleting element of the new GCSE Food Technology syllabus.

Paula Williams, Schools Co-ordinator at Billingsgate Seafood School said schools need to know about where fish comes from as well as the many varieties of fish that can be eaten for starter, mains and snacks.

She said: “This road show enables us to communicate with students about the importance of keeping a varied diet and maintaining a healthy balance.”

Martin Fordham, Head of Catering and Hospitality said: “We have thoroughly enjoyed showing the pupils different varieties of fish, preparation techniques, provide them hands on filleting experience and the opportunity to taste some of the fish”.

Jude Rowlands, 15, from St Helena School said the event made him think more about using fish as an ingredient.

He said: “You can make so many different dishes with it. I will definitely benefit from this activity, as it will give me insight into preparation techniques ready for my GCSE modules next year”.

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