CHRISTMAS has come early for a Clacton man after he scooped a massive £1million lottery jackpot.

Iain Cockburn, 50, bought the lucky EuroMillions ticket at his local McColls newsagents on North Road on the way home from work.

It wasn’t until the following morning that he discovered he had won one of the two UK Millionaire Maker prizes from the EuroMillions draw.

Iain said: "I’m a man of habit, so usually buy my tickets at the local newsagents and also have them checked there too.

"On Saturday this is exactly what I did but unlike the times when they say, ‘nothing on that’ or ‘congratulations, you’ve got a small win’, this time they checked my ticket and started whispering rather urgently before looking up, grinning and said ‘I think you have won £1million.'

"I think I must have still been in shock – probably still am in fact. 

"When I went home and told mum I had won the lottery it felt very strange, as though it was meant to be, and I’ve managed to keep calm ever since."

He's already started spending his winnings - on a dream home.

"While we won’t be in before Christmas, it’s certainly the best Christmas present we could ever have hoped for," said Iain.