HUNDREDS of students showed their support for unaccompanied children at a French migrant camp.

Around 387 students at the Sixth Form College in Colchester gathered on the college grounds as part of a campaign called Stand Up for the 387.

The campaign is designed to put pressure on UK authorities to speed up the process for re-homing migrant children at the Jungle camp in Calais.

Students are now encouraging students at Colchester Institute and Essex University to take a stand too.

The campaign was started by pupils at Clacton Coastal Academy and it is hoped it will spread across the UK with the help of social media.

Teacher Alison Shelley said: "There was impressive and enthusiastic student support despite the rain."

More than 1,200 French police and officials began clearing the Jungle camp today.

Jean-Michel Knutsen, community organiser at Citizens UK, said: "Some of those children in the Jungle are in immediate danger of being abducted by traffickers.

"Compared to the population of the UK, a few hundred children is nothing. Rescuing children in mortal danger is not immigration, it's just human decency."