After reading Monday’s Memories feature in the Gazette about Crittalls window factory in Witham, it struck me that: isn’t life a funny thing?

For some reason, that I can’t remember, a couple of weeks ago, one of the Sunday newspapers did a piece on Hitler and the Berghof, his luxury hideaway in the mountains.

I nearly choked on my coffee when I saw what looked like a Crittall window in the picture used between Hitler and Eva on the terrace.

I have tried to find out from Prof Google if these windows were used there, but with no luck.

The old house on the site had apparently had a huge makeover that started in 1935.

Perhaps these very modern windows were bought then (think 1930’s Frinton, and the spectacular Frinton Bay Estate, which was started in 1934.)

In one of Lord Lexden’s many brilliant letters to the press, he remarked that Von Ribbentrop, who “had the ear” of Hitler - and was ambassador at the Court of St James - was a regular visitor to Colchester and obviously our corner of Essex.

Had he passed on photos etc. of these very modern windows to the architects of Hitler’s mountain mansion?

Brian Dunt St Bartholomew Close, Colchester