COLCHESTER Council has been called on to plant a tree for every baby born in the borough.

Shaun Boughton, Wivenhoe town councillor, said it would be a nice memento for parents and would fit in with the council’s green policies.

About 3,000 babies are born here every year and the council already gives away 2,000 trees a year.

Mr Boughton said: “I think parents would find this great.

“When the children grow up they can see how their tree has grown.

“A plaque could even be bought and put on the tree identifying it.

“The council gave out 2,016 trees last year and will give 2,017 next year and so on.

“They had a huge under-spend last year and manage to find budgets when it suits them.

“This would help the borough to be cleaner could improve air quality and make beautiful country parks.

“The council is planning a huge county park in the east, so why not show Colchester how committed it is to being clean and green and get the ball rolling and make this a reality?

“It would be great for the environment and wildlife.”

Trees for babies schemes are already run across the UK.

Cambridge City Council is just one authority implementing such as scheme, with new parents able to apply for a tree they can then plant themselves in the city boundary.

Residents can choose from a variety of trees.

A Colchester Council spokesman said: “We always welcome positive suggestions from residents on ways to improve the local environment.

“For the past ten years the council has been running the Trees for Years initiative, which has seen more than 10,000 trees and fruit bushes planted throughout the Borough.

“Over 2000 bare-root trees and fruit bushes were given away to residents of Colchester, community groups, schools and parish councils, this year alone.

“For more information about the Council’s tree policies, visit”