A GENEROUS benefactor has donated more than £100,000 to a campaign to create a new cancer centre in Colchester.

The anonymous donor has given the Cancer Centre Campaign, which is supported by the Gazette, a gift of £115,00.

This follows on from previous donations meaning their personal contribution to the appeal now totals £290,000 - the equivalent of £362,500 with Gift Aid.

It means the sum raised so far for the appeal has now reached £1,563,319.

Peter Wilson, who is the chairman of the Cancer Centre Campaign, said: “We are incredibly grateful for this kind gift to the Cancer Centre Campaign and send our thanks to this very generous supporter.

“The people of Colchester deserve the best possible treatment for cancer and we hope this large donation will act as a new impetus for the campaign and encourage others - individuals, companies and charitable organisations - to support this campaign to ensure Colchester General Hospital is able to provide the world class treatments which are available and which our patients deserve.”

The campaign aims to raise £4.5 million to pay for a dedicated cancer centre at Colchester General Hospital.

The centre would be built on top of the state-of-the-art radiotherapy centre and would bring all cancer services - including chemotherapy and haematology - to one location.

The centre would also provide alternative therapies and support services for cancer patients and their families.

Caroline Bates, who is the head of the Colchester Hospitals Charity, said: “This donation means a great deal to everyone involved in the campaign. £4.5 million is an ambitious target but this donation and the continued support of the Gazette and their readers makes me sure we can get there.”

To support the campaign, text GAZE11 £10 to 70070 (or chose a different amount) or go to www.CohoC.org.uk.