FAMILY members discovered their relative had left a note for them three months after his death.

An inquest heard Michael Yates, 65, from Witham, had written two Post-it notes before jumping in front of a train at Witham Station on June 14.

At Monday’s inquest at Chelmsford Coroners’ Court, senior coroner Caroline Beasley-Murray said: “Michael left home that morning to collect something from the doctors surgery by bus.

“He left home to catch the 9.40am bus, but the next thing that seems to be known is that at about 9.55am he bought a platform ticket, which is caught on CCTV. He had a conversation with a member of staff about having the right change and made his way to platform three.

“A train stopped but he did not board and he continued to wait until 10.15am. CCTV showed he jumped onto the tracks as the train was approaching.

A train was approaching at 100mph as it was not due to stop. The train struck him and the driver applied his emergency brakes. No-one was near him, no-one pushed him.”

A post-mortem at Broomfield Hospital showed he died of severe multiple injuries, caused by a train collision.

DC Sheila Chayall from British Transport Police said two green Post-it notes were found inside his wallet, which had been left on the side.

However, the family had not been informed and only found out at Monday’s inquest.

DC Chayall said: “The notes were found much later and unfortunately the chain of evidence had been disrupted. They were left at Colchester by an officer, I was given them weeks after and have omitted to tell the family. I didn’t do it on purpose.

“There were some difficult issues with the case that I don’t wish to bring up here.”

Verdict: Suicide.

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