A WELL-known pet store has closed suddenly with concerns over cash owed to customers.

Seapets, at Tollgate, Stanway, had its doors locked up yesterday with notices in the windows to tell customers of the closure.

One notice also sought to allay concerns over animal welfare, stating no livestock had been left in the building.

However, a number of customers left messages on the business’s Facebook sites alleging they were owed money or items.

Andrew Ingham claimed Seapets was “disgusting” for allegedly not honouring a two-year guarantee on a £1,000 fish tank within the last week.

Katrina Jackson said she is owed for 4kgs of aquarium gravel which she paid to be delivered and it never arrived.

She added: “After a week of chasing them and no replies I finally got through. They refused to refund my money for the extra postage and couldn’t tell me when or if I would get my stuff.

“I asked for a refund and they refused until they got the goods back from the courier.

“Have raised a dispute through PayPal and have escalated it to a claim. They still have my money and the items.”

Corey Morris wrote: “They owe me £323 for a tank and stand I bought nearly two weeks ago.”

Colchester Council said its Environmental Health team carried out a recent visit.

However, it has not been confirmed if this has been connected to the store’s closure.

A council spokesman said “We can confirm that one of our Environmental Health Officers recently undertook a routine inspection of Seapets .”

The Gazette tried to contact the store yesterday but its website was not operating and the phone line was not being answered.

The directors are listed as Jeremy and Pauline Arnold and Tamsin Hegarty and it is still an active company according to Companies House.

However, Companies House’s website states accounts are overdue.