A MAN who shouted back after allegedly being subjected to a torrent of vile racist abuse was told to put up with it and “button his lip” by magistrates.

Bilal Zubair admitted two public order offences for disorderly behaviour at Colchester Magistrates’ Court yesterday.

The court heard he was reacting to sickening abuse and he claimed Essex Police refused to take it seriously meaning he was the only one facing charges.

Henny Tatum, prosecuting, told the court the incidents took place on July 26 in Madeley Close in Colchester.

She said Zubair, 30, who was staying in Madeley Close but has since moved, has approached two women, including one holding a baby, and shouted and sworn at them after banging on their door.

Zubair admitted doing this but Matthew Swash, mitigating, said it was because he was regularly receiving abuse.

He said: “His brother left the area because every time he went out in the street he was being abused by people.

“He was in the garden and heard neighbours shouting ‘Syrian’ and ‘Paki’.

“He knocked on the door asking why they were being so rude.”

He told the court the offensive remarks continued.

Mr Swash said: “They were saying ‘you are what we are scared of’, ‘you are a refuge’ they said the dog looked like him.

“He was trying to call the police at the same time as them.”

Mr Swash claimed when police arrived they spoke to the women first and took him in for interview.

It is claimed when he told police what had happened to him they refused to take details.

Zubair was given a 12 month conditional discharge meaning there will be no further punishment if he does not reoffend in the next year.

Chairman of the bench, Alix Mason said: “In this particular case because we consider not only is it a brief incident but there was also an element of provocation so we will deal with it by way of a conditional discharge.”

She then told him: “The best way to deal with it in the future is button your lip, just shut it, because if there is another dispute you will be back in the court”.

Essex Police has been asked to respond to the claims they ignored his complaints.

Colchester MP Will Quince said: “The question has got to be put to Essex Police because they should have records of someone who makes a complaint.

“Racial abuse is unacceptable and if reported to police they should act on it and deal with it.

“I don’t agree with the advice given by magistrates.

“People should not take the law into their own hands but they should contact the police and have the confidence they will take it on in the appropriate way.”