A MAN is receiving treatment at a specialist burns unit after flames engulfed vehicles and damaged homes in Alresford.

Three people were taken to hospital after a blaze broke out in a garage along Heath Road.

One, a man aged in his 30s, suffered serious injuries which, according to eye witnesses, could have been worse had a neighbour not helped pull him away from the fire while he was in shock.

He is being treated at Broomfield Hospital. Two women were also taken to hospital suffering from shock.

Shortly after 10pm, the man was working on his Volkswagen campervan and Beetle.

A fire started and quickly spread. Both vehicles were destroyed and a neighbour’s Chevrolet written off.

Flames, which reached 40ft, began spreading to the homes, melting garage and back doors, while neighbours cared for those who had fled their homes.

Firefighters from Colchester and Wivenhoe managed to save the houses.

Witness and ward councillor Gary Scott said: “I looked out of the window and could see a fire.

“I thought someone had started a bonfire, which was too big. I ran down the road and saw a lady in shock and realised what had happened.

“His classic show cars had gone up, but he was just worried about his mum and his dog. He was trying to put it out himself with an extinguisher, but a neighbour dragged him away.”

Neighbour Colin Skeet pulled him away. Mr Scott said: “He saved his life. Everything went up. I have never in my life seen anything like this.”

Mr Skeet’s wife, Becky, said: “We were watching television and my husband saw there was a lot of light out there.

“We did not realise he had been injured for about ten or 15 minutes and then we saw in the light he had been burned and we called an ambulance. I was just amazed how quickly it went up.”