SO the latest series of Game of Thrones drew to a close this week.
I managed to watch pretty much all of it this time - and even some of the Throne Cast fanzine shows that follow each episode.
I still don’t think I could pass an exam based on the names and story arcs of many of the characters - of whom most I only recognise by sight beyond Arya Stark, Jon Snow and possibly Sansa and Cersei.
Thronecast is a curious thing - it is a companion piece but also, presumably a very handy advert for the series itself.
I wonder why they haven’t put a bit more cash into its budget. A lack of funds can be the only reason their guests have been a bit tenuous, this season.
Each week, alongside the amazing Sue Perkins, are two uber fans who are generally comedians or light entertainment folk, and a member of the cast of the show itself.
But these have not been of a very high calibre this season.
One guy had literally played “the man who trained Arya to fight” several series ago and had appeared in about two scenes.
The next week was a chap who had about two lines in a handful of episodes.
The most heavyweight was James Cosmo - who again has barely been in this series.
None of them had any kind of amazing insight into any of the plot developments.
I think it is a shame because Sue is clearly a huge fan who knows a lot about the subject and some of the films and interviews they have are really insightful.
I particularly found the segment about how they cast some of the roles really interesting.
But they have got to sort out the GoT cast guests before the next season rolls along next Easter.
I understand people like Lena Headey, who plays Cersei, and Kit Harrinton, Jon Snow, might be a bit too famous now to hightail it back from LA to appear alongside Sue, but surely they could convince Jerome Flynn or Maisie Williams to take one for the team.
I think Jerome would be fascinating on there - he really has had quite a career.
Not sure he is as proud of his number one hits, with chum Robson Green, as he is Ripper Street and now Game of Thrones, but they are there all the same.
Maybe he could give them a tune on Thronecast.