A NEW app has been developed to help break down boundaries for children with special needs.

The multi-schools council has been set up to establish relationships between mainstream and special needs schools.

The new app, also called the multi-schools council, has been developed to work alongside the council showcasing its work in breaking down perceptions about disabilities.

The free app has been designed by Kierran Pearce who works at Market Field special school in Elmstead Market.

He has developed it with support from digital education body PIOTA and the app can be downloaded in any app store on to phones and ipads by typing in “the multi-schools council”.

The app is free and will keep people up to date with what the council is doing.

The multi-schools council has expanded vastly and now seeks more schools to get involved.

It has now expanded so much it is now going to be split into three sections.

Market Field School will take the lead in north Essex with Edith Borthwick leading the way in mid Essex and Treetops in south Essex.

It is hoped more schools will be able to get involved and the project could stretch to other counties next year.

As a charity, it is also looking for businesses which might offer support.

For information email Mr Pearce at Market Field School on Kierran.Pearce@marketfield.essex.sch.uk.