RAIN more or less put paid to my marathon tennis watching binges over the weekend so I had to find other stuff to watch.

It was slim pickings though with barely any, as usual, bank holiday treats.

Unless you count the Soap Awards on ITV or the lavish BBC adaptation of A Midsummer Night's Dream which completed its season of shows in homage to the anniversary of Shakespeare's death.

I'm not really sure who the latter was aimed at - I assume they hoped families would sit down to enjoy it since it was the only one put on at an earlier time and could have been reasonably watched by school age children currently enjoying half-term.

But it seemed to go for a more racy interpretation than the usually chaste romance, some of which was difficult to explain to my nine-year-old.

I don't remember that being mentioned when I studied it quite a few years back.

Never mind since she lost the will to stay awake halfway through, when not even the special affects and amusing costumes could maintain the attention.

And I would really like to know what the Hannibal Lecter reference at the start was all about too.

The soap awards were a bit easier to follow but no less boring.

I should imagine its appearance on a prime time slot is as divisive in households as an England football match.

Even I struggled to remain interested, and I actually watch at least two of the shows represented at it, and am partial to an award ceremony or two.

I am amazed they didn't make sure Steve McFadden, Phil Mitchell in Eastenders, was able to attend the ceremony when he was getting a lifetime achievement award.

He didn't look as "thrilled" as he pretended to be in his pre-recorded thank you segment either and I really think since they know they might win these actor types should make a bit of effort to come up with something witty by way of acceptance speeches.

Someone needs to tell ITV a troupe of well-turned out soap stars all giggling at the podium one after the other saying "I don't know what to say, fanks mum !" does not make scintillating television.