I’M AT that place right now where all the programmes I have been following seem to have come to an end.

What am I going to watch when I have packed the kids off to bed and I need something to keep half an eye on while I tackle level 444 on Farm Heroes?

I did actually have to give the two-part finale to Marcella my full attention, though, so I put down my grown-ups’ colouring-in book momentarily so I could make sure I didn’t miss a vital plot twist.

That, along with the denouement to Sky 1’s The Five, did not disappoint.

I don’t mind admitting I shed a few tears at the end of the latter when the family (plot spoiler alert) were finally reunited after 20 years.

Often I get to the end of a series and decide it has been a huge anti-climax but neither of these shows disappointed.

The pace was kept up to the very end and almost all of the ends were satisfactorily tied up.

I don’t want to invest eight or ten hours of my time to feel like I have been short-changed.

I feel like this about shows like The Chase sometimes.

You watch for 45 minutes basically so you can watch them lose the money in the final seconds of the last round – you might as well just watch the “final chase” and save yourself the previous amount of time because none of it really means anything until then.

Even the always affable Bradley Walsh, who must be taking career advice from Ant and Dec because he is also everywhere at the moment, isn’t having as many moments of uncontrollable mirth that usually make this so watchable.

Perhaps I have been watching it too much. Familiarity has bred contempt.

That said, it recently threw up ones of the funniest answers I have seen on a gameshow for a while when a contestant suggested a shape called a “nonagon” might have no sides.

Needless to say, he did not make it through to the final chase.